CD and DVD Replication is the Disc Manufacturing process of creating a Glass Master of the content for the disk and press replicated or “cloned” copies are then made from this  master. This is the best way to produce high volume amounts of professional quality disks with units ranging from 1000 or more.

This CD / DVD  Manufacturing process is internationally recognized as the most commonly used method to produce professional high quality exact copies that have the highest possible playback capabilities. Media Transfer has and always will maintain the highest level of quality control throughout each step of the CD / DVD Disc Replication and Disc Manufacturing process. Great care is taken to ensure that there is consistency between every disc.

Once the discs have been pressed, layered, and tested, artwork is then silk-screened or offset printed to the top side of the disc, which is the non-readable side of the Disc. Media Transfer uses high quality printing techniques making each disc attractive and easily identifiable. Once the artwork has been applied, final preparations are made for packaging and/or shipment and delivery.


At Media Transfer, we believe the quality of your CD / DVD Replication should also be represented with the best in Disk and insert Packaging to further enhance your CD or DVD masterpiece. Media Transfer offers and extensive array of Jewel Case Packages, DVD Cases and a wide selection of packaging with the best in full color printed inserts and tray cards, as well as Custom Printed Sleeves, Clam shells and many more to choose from.

For orders of 1000 units or higher, we Replicate your CD or DVD Master using the finest blank recordable discs available which involves the creation of a glass master and stamper from which replica CDs are pressed or moulded.


CD /DVD Replications are created from a glass master and stamper from which replica CDs are pressed or moulded.

CD Replication (also known as CD manufacture or CD pressing) involves the creation of a glass master and stamper from which replica CDs are pressed or moulded and are normally the quality you expect to find sold in most retail stores.

CD / DVD Replication is only available for 1000 or more CDs /DVDs.

Replication orders  can normally take between 10 – 12 business days.



CDs / DVDs


CD Jewel Case

CD / DVD Jewel Case

  The classic original! Choose between a Clear disc tray for double sided inlays, or a Black disc tray for a single sided inlays.  
2 CD Jewel Case

2-CD / DVD Jewel Case

  Holds multiple discs instead of just one. This is a great way to package 2-disc sets without adding any bulk to your cases.  
CD Slim Case

CD / DVD Slim Case

  For the purposes of weight, space and cost, many opt for the slimline jewel case for its slender and clean-cut appearance. Choose between a black or  clear back.  
Printed Sleeve

CD / DVD Printed Sleeve

  Custom printed cardboard sleeves let us seal it with over-wrapping for that extra hint of quality. (Remember, it is only economical to go for this packaging option if your quantities are 500 units or more)  
Plastic Sleeve

CD / DVD Plastic Sleeve

  The economical route, clear Poly Sleeves boast the design of your disc print with a transparent cover that protects your disc and lends it a look of style too.  
Paper Envelope

CD / DVD Paper Envelope

  For massive quantities, most opt for the paper sleeve as a neat and cost effective option. For large replication runs, we’ll package your discs in paper sleeves at no extra cost.  
Clam ShellClam Shell

CD / DVD Clam Shell

  Clam shells are great for promotional uses. No need for printed covers!  
7mm DVD Case7mm DVD Case

7mm DVD Case

  Slim DVD case with a 7mm spine. A great space saver and is slightly cheaper than the standard 14mm spine DVD case.  
14mm DVD Case14mm DVD Case

14mm DVD Case

  Neat, inexpensive and customizable, this packaging is often used for DVDs as well as CDs. Few things look more professional than a Black DVD case with a full colour inlay.  
Multi-Disk DVD CaseMulti-Disk DVD Case

Multi-Disc DVD Cases

  Our multi-disc DVD packaging capabilities range from 2 – 10 disc cases in many variants. For big, multiple orders, chat to our sales consultants to find out what the best packaging option is for you and also where you can get a template to suit your DVD insert needs.  
Offset Print

Offset Print

  This is the conventional method for printing on pressed DVDs (movie DVDs you buy are normally printed this way), however it can also be used on pressed CDs.  
SilkScreen Print
Silkscreen Print

Silkscreen Print

  Screen printing is the original method of printing discs and is best used for larger run bold and solid colour print images. The discs can be printed using CMYK or pantone coded colours. Discs can be colour matched to other products giving you one colour across your whole product range and brand. There are thousands of pantone colours available including metallics and fluorescent.  

Music CD

  Music CDs are compact discs which include digital audio stored in a format which is designed to work in most compact disc players, including stereos and CD drives in computers. Also known as audio CDs, music CDs are usually recorded using the Compact Disc-Digital Audio (CD-DA) standard, also known as the Red Book format after the color of the binding of the book which lists the specifications for audio CDs.  

Data CD

  A Full Size Data CD, also known as CD-ROM (an acronym of "Compact Disc Read-Only Memory"), is a pre-pressed compact disc that contains data accessible to, but not writable by, a computer for data storage. Full Size refers to the standard 120mm sized discs. CD-ROMs are popularly used to distribute computer software, including video games and multimedia applications, though any data can be stored (up to the capacity limit of 700MB).  

Mini CD

  Mini CDs, or "Pocket" CDs are Compact Discs with a smaller diameter and one third the capacity. The Mini CD is only 80 mm wide and holds a maximum of 24 minutes of music or 210 megabytes of data. Mini CD's are compatible with most CD players. The depression that a normal size CD fits into also has a smaller well in the middle of it that will hold a Mini CD. The most common use for the mini format is for single song recordings, but they are also used by businesses for advertising purposes.  

Business Card CD

  Business Card CDs are an impressive and unique marketing tool which bring immediate attention to your company. After peaking interest with this high-tech variation of the standard business card, you can captivate your audience with a multimedia presentation, a video, a slideshow, or a catalog. We make Business Card CD Replication services affordable.


  Get that professional, retail-ready look with overwrap seal from Video Africa! Overwrap is a process where your CD or DVD cases are inserted into pre-cut plastic bags, and the edges are sealed using a heater for that "folded edge" look. This is very classy and allows for easy opening by the end user. Over-wrapping gives your end product a great finish and extra protection against damp, dust and damage.  


  Shrink wrap is great for cases of any shape and size. The shrink wrap protects the CD/DVD case during shipping, and adds a professional look to the final product.