SilkScreen Print
Silkscreen Print

Silkscreen Print

Screen printing is the original method of printing discs and is best used for larger run bold and solid colour print images. The discs can be printed using CMYK or pantone coded colours. Discs can be colour matched to other products giving you one colour across your whole product range and brand. There are thousands of pantone colours available including metallics and fluorescent.

What is silkscreen printing?

Invented in ancient China, it is an effective way to print on irregular surfaces, such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, or compact discs.

In the silkscreen process, film separations are made that represent each color in the design. The film is laid on a fabric mesh that is covered with a special emulsion and exposed to light. Where the light hits the emulsion, it becomes solid; where the film covers the mesh, the emulsion remains unchanged, and then is washed off. The screen is then placed on top of the surface to be printed, and ink is pushed through the mesh using a squeegee. The ink is dried, and the next color is applied.

Fine details are easily lost in silkscreen printing because of the mesh that is used. Elements of a design that are too small may end up sitting on the mesh itself, rather than in a hole in the mesh, where ink can pass through. Unfortunately, this mesh interference is an inevitable consequence of the process.