Single Disk CD Jewel Cases

Produced a gem? Package it with a Jewel!

Single Disc CD Jewel Cases

There’s nothing like the classics. For many people the jewel case is still the only way to package a CD. Luckily we not only make it easy for you to release your CD in jewel cases, we also make it incredibly fast. Just think: in mere days, the face on that CD could be yours. Choose between a Clear disc tray for double sided inlays, or a Black disc tray for a single sided inlays.

Multi-Disc CD Jewel Cases

The advantage of a multi disc CD jewel case over a normal jewel case is its ability to hold multiple discs instead of just one. This is a great way to package those 2-disc sets without adding any bulk to your cases.


Unassembled CD Jewel Cases

Unassembled CD Jewel Cases are prefect for mass-producing jewel case packages. The advantage of unassembled jewel cases over assembled is that they can be hand assembled or put on automated machines, which allow for mass-production in a short time frame. They are also great for cutting down on the time required putting in inserts or booklets because you must first disassemble the cases to insert artwork, then reassemble them. Having them unassembled saves time! For a production ready solution to jewel case packaging choose unassembled jewel cases!