Convert PAL to NTSC

PAL to NTSC Conversions


PAL to NTSC Conversions

If you are planning to send your video content to any countries that support this system you will need to get your video converted to NTSC. We use the latest technology to give you a professionally converted, undistorted copy of your original tape.

More about the PAL format

PAL technology was developed in Germany by Walter Bruch, and was first introduced in the year 1967. It is an analog video format used in television transmission and is widely used in Europe, Australia and some Asian, African, and South American countries. Within Europe – France, Bulgaria, Russia, Yugoslavia, and some other countries in Eastern Europe mainly uses SECAM technology. PAL system uses 625 lines per frame, with the refresh rate at 25 frames per second, inter-laced. This interlacing feature improves the picture quality without consuming any extra bandwidth. In PAL system, each frame consists of two fields, which is termed as half-a-frame. In each of these two fields, the first one displays all the even lines and the other one displays the odd, within these 625 lines. These two fields are displayed in succession and there are 50 fields per second, corroborating with the 50Hz mains power frequency.